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The Spiritual Home Study Course

Educating Heart & Soul
A comprehensive seven-month home study programme to help you gain a deeper understanding of spiritual development, for yourself and others.

£24.99 (approx $40 / 31 euro) per month (for seven months) or £157 (approx $256 / 189 euro) if paid in full

£29.99 (approx $47 / 38 euro) per month (for seven months) or £189 (approx $308 / 228 euro) if paid in full.

Payments are taken via PAYPAL in British Pounds and converted to your currency.


Click here to download the course brochure (500kByte PDF file):

Educating Heart & Soul is a unique self discovery programme that as been written as a result of the many requests from Chrissie’s readers and workshop participants over the past twenty years. Working in your own time and sacred space the course will empower you to gain a deeper knowledge of your own spiritual development, your personal angelic connection (exploring different ways of creatively expressing it), and help you guide other seekers towards finding their connection to the Angelic realms.

The course enables participants to share the love, excitement and wonder of working with angels and connections to the Divine. It also promotes self-healing, spiritual growth, and a support network between participants for ongoing learning. Chrissie’s unique style comes from a combination of academic research, personal teaching and life experience.

Who is it for?

The programme is perfect for people of all ages and abilities. Followers of all faiths and beliefs are welcome. You may have a basic understanding of various aspects of Spirituality, Healing or Angels or you may simply feel a ‘calling’ to gain a better understanding of your spiritual needs. The course is fully supported with guided meditations led by Chrissie and through email and telephone support if you need it.

The course is especially suited to those working in spiritual fields such as teachers, healers and spiritual practitioners.

Module One - The Angelic Golden Thread
Work with the energy of Archangel Gabriel, the enunciator, and the Angels of Wisdom, to create new beginnings and develop your sense of purpose. Deepen your own angelic connection by receiving guidance, explore your spiritual journey, and connect with the angelic realms. Meet your own guardian angel and receive gifts for your spiritual growth. Introducing one of the greatest mystics from history, Jesus and the Essenes, but with a different approach. This module contains a set of fourteen beautiful Essene Communions with the angels of the Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother.

Module Two - On The Wings Of Angels
Work with Archangel Jophiel and the Angels of llumination to develop your inner beauty and enhance your ability to co-create. What is Mysticism? Are you a mystic? Looking at the mystery, with a little history and unwrapping. Spirituality vs Religion …is there a difference and does it matter? Exploring and defining spirituality and religion with exercises for spiritual orientation to discover your personal spiritual impulse and soul’s journey. This module includes a visualization to heighten your awareness of the Divine connection by cleansing and purifying the chakras.

Module Three - Walking Your Talk
Feel and connect to the amazing power of the great Archangel Michael and the Angels of Truth
and protection. Work with Archangel Michael’s silver sword of truth in visualization techniques for cutting away the unwanted ties that hinder your spiritual growth. Learn to practice spirituality in the workplace through regular meditation for unconditional love and kindness from the teachings of Buddha, Tao and Christianity, together with exercises for discernment and strengthening your resolve.

Module Four - Angelic Healing & The Healing Arts
Tap into the healing energy of Archangel Raphael and the Angels of Healing for self-healing and the healing of others. Body-talk …identifying and recognizing the messages from your body by working through the different energies of the Chakra system and learning to interpret the warning signals of stress and emotional pain. ‘GO’ for the green light …healing and balance. This module contains a list and explanation of many respected complimentary therapies.

Module Five - Love Is Everything
Work with Chamuel the great archangel, and the Angels of Love, to examine self esteem and relationships in this module. ‘Being loved is being loving’ - connect to the wonderful rose pink energy of Archangel Chamuel to reflect on the aspects we find difficult to love in ourselves and learn techniques and exercises to let go of low self esteem and damaging habits of self-destruction. How to attract the real love you desire into your life relationships, including family, friendship and romance.

Module Six - Judge Not - Lest You Should Be Judged
This module takes you to meet the wonderful Archangel Zadkiel and the Angels of the Violet Flame, to address negativity and bring the gift of transformation. We introduce the ‘New Age’ teachings; a look at the work of Sir George Trevelyan, Alice Bailey and the Theosophists, and the Ascended Master teachings about the seven rays of energy governing our cosmos, and the magic of Findhorn.

Module Seven - World Peace - Inner Peace
Archangel Uriel and the Angels of Peace ask you to commit to serve as a Spiritual Warrior. Building on the foundation of the previous modules we look at how spirituality in action calls us to serve the greater good. Meditate with the angels of peace for lasting inner peace. How will you commit to world peace and put love into action? Becoming a spiritual warrior involves constant practice - this module looks at self-reflection and various spiritual practices for you to adapt to everyday life.

Comments from customers:

"I wanted to say hi. I Am LOVING the Educating Heart and Soul course - what a delightful, inspiring, beautiful journey. I also adore the CDs - so incredibly helpful and fabulous to listen to. Thank you and ALL my love!" - Susan xxx

“I am far more aware of the significance of each Archangel now … Thoroughly enjoyed doing the exercises. Some were difficult, often challenging and many were definitely empowering.”

“This course has helped me to see the interconnectedness between everything, it is a wonderful tool for self analysis. This course certainly enhanced and enlarged upon my knowledge and understanding of different faiths, I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the course.I would recommend it to others” Susan - Bridgend, Wales

“The course work has enhanced my interconnectedness with the Universe… I have become less judgemental and more tolerant of others… I find I listen more! … I would recommend this course to anyone seeking spiritual development” Soo - Manchester

“I enjoyed all of the course, with two small children it was great that I could work at my own pace… I did particularly enjoy the section on the chakra’s, their colours and meanings. Very well written… I have achieved something that I was searching for. "

“At the beginning I was just looking for a course on Angels. This course was so much more.”

" I thoroughly enjoyed every part of the course,and would highly recommend it to any-one. It turned out to me even more than I anticipated, covering a range of different subjects." Dennine - Bury Lancashire

Money-back Guarantee

To give you complete peace of mind, there is a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If you feel the course is not for you, simply return any materials received within 30 days and we'll refund your payment.

The course is SEVEN months. You can pay via monthly subscription through PayPal:

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If you pay in full, you still receive monthly modules from us, which are sent on the 16th of each month. You can pay via PayPal or by credit card / debit card.

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If you'd rather order the course by telephone call the support line: +44 1223 969858

You'll receive confirmation by email and the first module within 14 days of payment. Subsequent modules are sent around the 16th of each month thereafter.

2017 Webinar Series

Chrissie will be holding a 1 hour webinar each month, featuring teaching, guided meditation and shared angelic healing and love. Using the ZOOM video app, you'll be able to see, hear and participate in each event from the comfort of your own home. Each month will feature one of the seven Great Archangels:

FEB - Archangel Gabriel - event over
MAR - Archangel Jophiel - event over
APR - Archangel Michael - event over

MAY - Archangel Raphael - event over
JUN - Archangel Chamuel - event over
JUL 25th - Archangel Zadiel
AUG 30th - Archangel Uriel

If you a current or former student of the Educating Heart & Soul course, participation is free of charge. Or enrol on the course today for free access to the webinars. Recordings of each event will be available along with downloadable guided meditations you can use.